Shrink & Bagged

Market leaders in bagging with printed reinforcing strip

With a speed of up to 4.000 units per hour, shrink and bagging are systems that allow you to obtain a flexible packaging to dress your product. The materials we pack are transparent or complex polypropylene and polyolefins to allow retraction.

The difference between the two systems is the fact that the shrink is completely adapted to the shape and size of the product, as if it were a made-to-measure glove, while in the bagging there is a space between the product and the plastic that protects it.



Alveoli tailor-made

The invention relates to a technique for obtaining the alveoli or plastics which, by application of a spring and heat, have a relief with the shape for encasing the product.

In order for the alveoli to adapt properly to the material it will have to contain, you can ask us for custom-made springs and consand choose options for dies and punches, as well as transparent, opaque and colored plastics.

The alveoli are the compartments that will then be used in the high-frequency section and blister pack to pack all kinds of electronic products, DIY, stationery, etc., favoring their protection during transport and improving their presentation.



Maximum protection

The packaging par excellence that we find hanging in the shops, is formed by an alveolus (plastic cavity where the material is housed) attached to a cardboard lid that, thanks to an adhesive emulsion.

The blister pack is perfect for small products that gain in visibility, thanks to the cardboard printed with the brand and product characteristics, informing the customer at all times and helping him in his process when buying.



Present and protect your product

Suitable for electrical components. DIY products, stationery, etc. This packaging system works by sealing plastic with plastic by means of a high frequency discharge.

This technique allows to attach two alveoli or an alveolus with a plastic sheet.
Alta frequencia


The finest of the wrappers

Fundació AsproseatEmpresa i Treball has two machines of encelofanad that allow to obtain a plastic packaging that adapts totally to the product, obtaining a finish of high quality suitable for cosmetic products, perfumery, CDs, DVDs, cases that require this finish, etc.

To facilitate the opening of the product, an easy opening strip can be included to facilitate unpacking of the product and avoid spoiling the contents.


Flow pack

With plain or printed plastic

The packaging in Flow Pack allows to pack the products sealing by three points, one longitudinal and two transverse.
Choose between simple Flow Pack or high quality with metallized printed plastic. We take care of packaging and manage printing to make the finish perfect.

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