Residential homes

Residential homes

The residential homes are residential care services for adults with a degree of intellectual disability equal to or higher than 33%,  of a permanent nature, and which have a substitute function for the family home.

Therefore, it is a nucleus of coexistence for adults, who have sufficient autonomy to develop the basic activities of daily life and participate in the basic rules of living together.

The entity has 6  residential homes located in Barcelona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Sant Just Desvern, where 12 people live in each one of them:

HOME ZONA FRANCA 2 (Barcelona)
HOME SANT JUST (Sant Just Desvern)

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What is the profile of the user and professionals?

The users require different levels of support from the direct care staff depending on their autonomy and in accordance with the corresponding residential orientation resolution issued by the CAD.

This residential service is complemented by the attendance of the user at day care services (Occupational Therapy Services or Occupational Integration Services).

The team is made up of a responsible director (a professional with a university degree in the field of social sciences or health) and direct care staff (professionals with a degree in social integration or similar).

What do we do?

In our services we promote the participation of the users in everything that affects the different aspects of daily life, both in the field of personal development and their participation in the different aspects related to the daily functioning of the residential service.

We prioritize aspects of quality of life understood as a series of objective (physical space where to live, food, hygiene…) and subjective (feeling good, self-esteem, feeling safe, social relations with the environment…) conditions that allow people with intellectual disabilities to lead a life as full as possible, working at the same time educational objectives in order to promote their personal and social autonomy and their quality of life.

Basic services

  • Accommodation in single or double rooms, in suitable facilities to carry out the activities of daily living.
  • With diets adapted to the specific needs of the residents.
  • Coordination with the professionals of the outpatients clinic of the area and with specialized medical services.
  • To enhance the capabilities of residents, promote coexistence and interpersonal relationships, detection of possible behavioral disorders and intervention if necessary.
  • Contact and follow-up with families and guardianship entities, support in procedures and formalities related to the resident.
  • To promote and encourage leisure activities, sports, etc. inside and outside the residential service.
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